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 Kyle is represented by Agent Lesley Duff who co-founded Diamond Management with Jean Diamond in 2003. 


Diamond management website quote: 


“Building on the reputation they established whilst at London Management, which Jean had also founded, Diamond Management is now one of the foremost Theatrical Agencies in London.


They have strong links to the USA, Australia and Europe. Working very closely with their clients, they are dedicated to promoting excellence in all aspects of Personal Management. A highly motivated team represent Artists and Creatives from all facets of the industry”.












KYLE LIMA was born and raised in Cardiff, South Wales, and is a Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama alumnus, 2006-2009, graduating with a B.A. (Bachelor of Arts) Honours Degree in Acting. 

Click on the RWCMD sign to view their website!

Actors that have attended the RWCMD are Anthony Hopkins, Ruth Jones, Rob Brydon, Raki Ayola, Dougray Scott, Tom Cullen and Eve Myles, to name but a few.


Since graduating Kyle has had a successful career in Theatre, Film and Television working with professionals such as...

TOM MORRIS (Artistic Director of the BRISTOL OLD VIC and co-creator of the World Wide theatrical phenomenon WAR HORSE).


EMMA RICE (forma Artistic director of both KNEEHIGH Theatre company, SHAKESPEARE'S GLOBE and Current Artistic Director of WISE CHILDREN Theatre Company which has a residency at the OLD VIC). 


Film Director Chanya Button and Actress Laura Carmichael (Downton Abby) in Chanya's acclaimed film 'BURN BURN BURN'.

Actors Bradley James, Colin Morgan and Richard Wilson (One foot in the Grave) in BBC's MERLIN.

Actors Chris Walker,  O.B.E. Sharon D. Clarke  and Ramon Tikaram (This Life) in BBC's DOCTORS  'Dreams Are Made On' episode, directed by  Ruth Carney.

Actor and film Director Tom Cullen in his directorial debut, 'PINK WALL' co-staring Emmy Award winners Tatiana Maslany (Orphan Black) and Jay Duplass (Transparent & The Mindy Project). Pink Wall will have a cinematic release Spring 2019!


The RWCMD has been rated the best drama school in the United Kingdom FOUR times since 2013. 


Rated the best Drama School in 2018


Rated the best Drama School in 2017


“RWCMD also topped the league table for employment within six months of graduating, scoring 91%, and it was rated 94% for course satisfaction”.

Rated the best Drama School in 2015.


Rated the best Drama School in 2013.



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Click on the Spotlight sign to view Kyle’s Acting CV! 



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My Drama techniques

  • Improvisation

  • Comedy

  • One man show

  • Puppetry

  • Mask work

  • Song performance

  • Musical performance

  • Ensemble work

  • Stand up

  • Script work

  • On screen technique

  • Stage work

  • Shakespeare

  • Audition pieces (For Drama Schools)



Acting coaching experience


Cardiff University


Kyle has lead drama workshops for Cardiff University focusing on confidence building, interaction, engagement, improvisation, script work and team building.


Salt Lake Community College (Utah U.S.A)


During his world tours with the Bristol Old Vic Kyle lead workshops for Salt Lake Community College Drama students focusing on, improvisation, Script and puppetry work.


Jukebox Collective

Kyle is currently working with Jukebox Collective with students age 6 - 21 focusing on confidence building and acting - introducing improvisation and scripted scene work.







"I wanted to become an actor because as a child watching great acting and story telling in films, TV and later through Theatre, I was so grateful for how it made me feel, to be swept up by impactful performances and engaging narratives.


It took me to a place that allowed me to viscerally feel every aspect of my emotions through escapism while simultaneously being so present in the moment with my feelings.


It excited me so much that I  wanted to be part of it, to be an Actor and affect an audience the way I was affected. That feeling has never left me and is what drives me to continue to be an actor and to help others who want to be actors too."


Click on the Diamond Management sign to view the website and Kyle’s Acting CV! 


Spotlight Casting Wedsite

SPOTLIGHT is the official website that Casting Directors and Agents use to make inquiries about actor's availability and to also view their acting CV's.


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IMDB (Internet Movie Data Base) is an international website that lists Actors, Directors, Producers and Production Crew's Film, TV and general on screen credits.



Click on the IMDB sign to view Kyle’s On Screen Credits! 






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Go to the (ABOUT) page to see examples of Kyles work!



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Child acting tutor sessions

(School groups and after school sessions)

age 6 - 16

One hour session, full class (school hours)


After school hours

£55 an hour

Adult acting coach sessions

age 17 +

One on one, one hour session 

(coaching one individual person)


Hour and a half


Two pupil, one hour session 

(Coaching two people at a time)


Hour and a half



All pricing includes specific preparation required before the session (script work, transcribing, research etc).

Acting coaching/Audition coaching:Tutor and Teaching sessions prices

Kyle's personal statement 

For further acting session pricing enquiries, please go to the CONTACT page.

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Home Page

Welcome to the website of Actor, Acting Coach, Writer, Singer, Director KYLE LIMA.

For almost a decade, Kyle has been a professional Actor and has had a wealth of experience in the world of the performing arts. Please find below and on the ABOUT page all the current information on Kyle's career.

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(I also have over six years experience working as a teaching assistant and one on one with children with special needs).

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